I've thought long and hard about how to write this review, if only because Noho MMA and Steve's teachings mean so much to me that it's imperative I convey the heart of it all.


Noho MMA is more than just a place to learn martial arts, although that will definitely happen if you join. Steve is an incredible teacher with a gift for passing along his extensive knowledge in a way that's tailored to the strengths and weakness of each individual. Every time you come to class, you'll leave stronger, faster, smarter, better. But that's only a small part of what makes this business special...


What really makes Noho MMA a one-of-a-kind establishment is Steve and his wife-- Eartha's-- commitment to creating a community. In a world where people find it hard to connect, Steve and Eartha reach out a hand. In a time when we've forgotten that truly powerful people look out for others, Steve and Eartha remind us to help our neighbors. It's clear Noho MMA is a labor of love for them, built with hard-work, blood, sweat, and tears, all with the intention to bring value to the community and to make the world a little safer-- a littler better-- one student at a time. They are people of integrity, in every sense of the word, and they've created a business that mirrors who they are.


If you're an experienced fighter, come to Noho MMA to take advantage of Steven's incredible knowledge base and teaching skills. If you're new to martial arts and afraid to start, come to Noho MMA for his patience, and willingness to help you grow at your own pace.


In just one short year with NohoMMA, I feel more centered, more empowered, and stronger both physically and mentally. Maybe it's the moment I claim my space and push back against the person who shoves me out of line... or maybe it's just speaking a little more loudly in that meeting... or maybe it's just the confidence that comes with knowing I can defend myself... but Noho MMA's positive impact on my life shows up on a daily basis. The changes might look small from the outside, but they're everything to me.




Professor Steve is seriously the best you can learn from! He is extremely skilled in many different martial arts and teaches respect, discipline, and the importance of hard work. NoHo MMA is not just a place to train, it's a family. We are taught to respect and take care of our partners. I have taken the kickboxing, jiu jitsu (gi and nogi), and kali classes, and you really can't ask for a better place to train. I have had the best 3 years there and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone and everyone!




Professor Baca is a real life ninja. An expert and black belt in about million different martial arts. I've been taking his BJJ and kickboxing classes for about 3-4 months now and have competed in and won two tournaments. He offers a very friendly and receptive environment for learning these sometimes intimidating arts. Everyone at the school is genuine and hardworking. None of this "shade the new guy" attitude they accept you with open arms. I'm a division one wrestler and have had many coaches in my lifetime and I can say without a doubt Professor Baca is one of the best coaches I've ever had. He knows how to break down complex techniques simply so that everyone in class understands them. If you're new, intermediate, or even heavily experienced (again im a D1 wrestler with 20+ yrs experience) this place has something to offer you. And you CAN NOT beat the price! Can't say enough good things about NoHo MMA.




Steve is so great with his students. My kids have been with him for about a year and they love it. He makes it fun for them and is extremely patient. Definitely recommend anyone interested to check it out.




Noho MMA is amazing! All of my friends and I go there for Krav Maga classes, and honestly I hate that I can't go to every class. Steve is such an amazing teacher and really cares about the NoHo MMA community. Go here for self defense!




NoHo MMA is an excellent place to train. Steve is a total pro & great instructor, plus the students are very friendly. I've been working out there for only a few months (Krav & kickboxing programs), however besides gaining new skills, lost a few pounds and put on a few in muscle. Totally recommend the place to anyone looking to up their fitness and skill set.




The BJJ school I originally started at closed but I continued to study with friends and developed a better ground game simply from rolling. But I also developed training scars, bad habits and holes in my game that needed to be corrected. Came by to check the school out and found that I was immediately able to apply the techniques taught.   Got holes in your game? Come get them filled at NoHo. Great instruction, various styles of martial arts, no egos, family friendly.